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We have embarked on a journey to reimagine the landscape of eyecare. Our mission is clear: to develop transformative, interventional technologies that allow eyecare providers to procedurally elevate the standards of care – empowering people to keep seeing. We envision a future where innovations are not only groundbreaking but are also employed at the earliest stages of disease progression, ensuring safe and unprecedented progress in the field of vision health.

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Every day our technology improves lives; it’s why we’re all here. Celebrate the wins—your own and others’, big and small. Show up knowing your contribution matters to our collective impact. We need you.

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Monisha Vora

“I have used OMNI since 2018, and I have to say with 100% confidence that it is my favorite MIGS device”

Monisha Vora, MD
Steven Sarkisian

“The consistency of the results observed across all published OMNI studies is striking and consistent with the clinical outcomes, including the prospective data of GEMINI 2 results. I have seen these consistent results within my surgical glaucoma practice.”

Steven Sarkisian, MD
Marc R. Bloomenstein

“Pharmaceutical intervention with Restasis has been the hallmark of dry eye treatment since its introduction. The results of the SAHARA RCT utilizing TearCare technology, which treats the root cause of dry eye disease, should make us rethink our options for the optimal treatment for dry eye.”

Marc R. Bloomenstein, OD, FAAO
Blake Williamson

“The two-year multicenter study results of patients treated at multiple centers throughout the country give eye surgeons even greater confidence about the safety, efficacy, and durability of OMNI.”

Blake Williamson, MD
Arkadiy Yadgarov

“I was surprised and impressed at how smooth SION made the goniotomy procedure.”

Arkadiy Yadgarov, MD
Christine Funke

“I use OMNI in my practice very frequently. It has worked very well for my mild to moderate glaucoma patients, those with cataract surgery and those without cataract surgery.”

Christine Funke, MD
by the Numbers

Patients in the world diagnosed with
Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma (POAG)


U.S. patients diagnosed with (POAG)


U.S. patients diagnosed with
Dry Eye Disease (DED)

Source: Market Scope 2023 Report


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Everyone Deserves to See Their Life Unfold

We never lose sight of our mission: to develop transformative, interventional technologies that allow eyecare providers to procedurally elevate the standards of care.

For many, chronic eye disease dims the brilliance of life. Current treatments are limited and invasive, leaving people with few options. That’s why we operate with an infinite mindset, propelling eyecare technology further than ever before through transformational science and unwavering dedication.

Embodying clinical excellence at every step, we dared to build a company that reimagined how we address the root causes of chronic eye diseases.

Our science-first approach has powered the development of glaucoma and OSD therapies that target underlying disease and enable providers to intervene earlier with the goal of improving outcomes.

Join us on our path toward a future where everyone can experience life in all its magnificent detail.

Because there is always more to see.

Who We Are

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Paul Badawi

“Partnering with eyecare providers to elevate the standard of care.”

Paul Badawi

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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